What is a real professional security service?


Valet Quebec Security Agency specializes in the field of professional private security. Our team of agents is dynamic and formed by teams of industry specialists. Valet Security Quebec will satisfy your needs for personalized security services for your establishments: private, commercial, hospital, events, residential but also for your corporate events, galas, banquets, weddings and others.

Our team of agents is specially trained by customer service professionals. Our staff is mature, responsible, professional and proactive. The agency promises to arrive on site in advance to prepare the groundwork to ensure that the service offered to you is perfect. Our agents have had motivational meetings before offering you our services. Thus, your security service will be a guarantee of professionalism. During any event, a team leader on site will ensure that everything is perfect. His task is to ensure that the security of the premises and people is optimal, but also to manage the overall security of the customer service on the premises, and especially crisis management in case of unforeseen events. We want to offer the best service to our customers, and we constantly achieve this.

Agence de Sécurité Valet Québec, a young company in full expansion managed by Mr. Dominic Gagné, is highly experienced in the field of customer service and listening to your needs. After several analyses on the security service, he develops a turnkey solution focused on customer relationship and satisfaction.

The security service is an essential service for the success of an event or evening.

Mr. Dominic Gagné, being a perfectionist, also realized that the quality of the employees was of paramount importance. He therefore focuses on training his team and making them aware of customer service standards. Agence Sécurité Valet Québec employees are therefore qualified, responsible, professional and courteous. Each one more pleasant than the next, they ensure the security of your property and guests and leave you in complete confidence.

Agence Sécurité Valet Québec opens the door to the 5-star security service experience.

The team of Agence Sécurité Valet Québec will enhance the image of your company or event. Don’t forget that the agent is the first and last impression you will leave on your guests. You and your guests deserve the best.

Trust us, your satisfaction is guaranteed!