About us

Who are we?


Sécurité Valet Québec, a team dedicated to your security. Our guarantee is YOUR SECURITY. Our guiding principles are: respect for the law, confidentiality, integrity, fairness and loyalty.

Our qualified security agents ensure the protection of places, goods and people. Let us help you define your security needs. A team specialized in event security for your events of any scale, whether sporting or cultural.

We differentiate ourselves from other security companies by hiring only the best candidates and training them to become first-rate security guards.

Special events require special security measures. It is imperative that they be properly supervised to ensure that activities run smoothly while providing an enjoyable experience for participants. At Valet Quebec Security Agency, we take the time to familiarize ourselves with the site of your event, identify potential threats and challenges, and create a security plan. We take all the necessary measures to maintain order and security while providing superior customer service.

The security plans developed by the Agency are both proactive and reactive; we eliminate as many risk factors as possible, while providing effective measures for all possible disruptions, all without disrupting the event itself.

Here are some of the key practices we incorporate into our event security plans:

  • Ensure that uniformed security personnel are visible, as people are less likely to engage in disruptive behaviour when they know they are being watched.

  • Add plainclothes security personnel among participants so that they can judge the mood of the crowd and identify potential disruptions before they escalate.

  • Search bags, and sometimes people, to ensure that they are not carrying any illegal materials or objects that could threaten the safety of others. In some cases, we even limit the types of bags allowed.

  • Control traffic by directing vehicles entering and leaving the event site.

  • Coordinate with other agencies. We work seamlessly with our clients’ personnel, as well as with police and other emergency services, which can also be integrated into security plans.

Trust us, your satisfaction guaranteed!